February 24, 2012

They're Not Comic Books (They're Graphic Novels...)

So I have my fair share of nerdy friends, which, by the way, I am very proud of.  A nerd friend is like spun gold, and much like Scrooge McDuck, I weigh my collection with tedious care and peculiar excitement.  I also invite them to pool parties and swim amongst them, also like Scrooge McDuck.  There's a trend.


    When I make my cards, I think of these precious little nerd trophies of mine.  Because you have to take those friendship horses out for a run every once and a while, it's just good practice.  And like I said, they're my most precious gems, but as you know...not every nerd is built alike.  There's a friggin mold that is broken with every single one in the Nerd Series.

   This one in particular goes out to all of my lovelies who like to sit back, relax, and thumb through their "graphic novels" they probably purchased that Sunday afternoon.  Because they don't work Sundays, and that is the definition of a luxurious Sunday afternoon.  Duh.

My process is archaic.  I recently purchased a Bamboo Tablet that I am dying to try, but I will kind of miss the old fashioned way.

See that ink well and pen?  That's right.  I used that.  I then scanned the image into COREL (I told you I was archaic), and filled all of the spaces much like I used to when I was all about Kid Pix.

My friend Nicole makes amazing illustrations.  Way better than mine.  This week, she told me she does the same thing.  Nice.

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  1. If you were to make more of these, I definitely have someone in my life who needs this card for his birthday/Christmas/whatever