April 11, 2012

People Will Do Anything for $5 - And I'm Okay With That

Today I discovered Fiverr.com, and let me just say...my budget just got a little more DYNAMIC.

The concept is simple: You have five dollars. Somebody out there on the internet has something they are willing to do for five dollars. CHECK OUT THAT SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP. It's happening. This site connects said people and magic happens. It truly does.

It honestly could be anything ANYTHING people are willing to do for a little bit of cash. And you know what? There is a WHOLE WORLD of crazies/geniuses out there willing to do just about anything.

And then I saw Vinny, who claimed that he would tell somebody off for me in the style of a mafia fella for $5.  My brother is graduating. He needs to be congratulated. Lightbulb went off. Bam. Five bucks well spent.

I do think that this is better than Hallmark, but that's just me.

Congratulations, Rick - I am so proud of you.  You have worked so HARD.  I love you, little brother!

Little Bugger
Big Bugger (and some cute chick)